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Praxishaus Z44 | Zürich | Sonja Ringdal
Praxisraum Z44 | Zürich | Sonja Ringdal
Praxisraum Z44 | Zürich | Sonja Ringdal
Warteraum Z44 | Zürich | Sonja Ringdal


Like many in my environment at that time, I also grew up with the help of conventional medicine in case of illness and discomfort. Even if not every symptom could be permanently eliminated, I can certainly gain a lot of meaning and value from it. As a dedicated person, wife, mother and with an enriching job as executive director of an NGO, I came to BodyTalk a few years ago with a handful of unexplained symptoms. My friend Anja (the one from next door :-) had suggested it to me.

Beyond eliminating my signs of illness, I experienced surprisingly positive changes in body, mind and spirit after just a few sessions. Well-being, clarity and lightness had gradually (re)established themselves and it quickly became clear that BodyTalk was doing me an enormous amount of good also as a preventive measure and allows me to shine again. Why and how, that was another question and so a mixture of curiosity and skepticism set me on the path to get to the bottom of this approach.

My interest and empathy has always been for people and their stories. With my many years of work in the humanitarian field I am able to dedicate myself to this cause and I am thrilled to continue on this path with my knowledge as a certified BodyTalk practitioner together with my clients. Namasté!



  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner by Dr. John Veltheim

  • Certificate in BodyTalk Fundamentals (module 1&2)

  • Certificate in BodyTalk Principles of Consciousness (module 3)

  • Certificate in Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage & applied Anatomy and Physiology (module 5)

  • Certificate in BodyTalk Macrocosmic Bodymind (module 6)

  • Certificate in BodyTalk Bio-Dynamics (module 4/7)

  • Certificate in BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics (module 9)

  • Certificate in Mindscape

  • Certificate in BodyTalk Access


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