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A real boost for our immune system!
VMLD - an energetic drainage of our lymphatic system
by Dr. John Veltheim

The lymphatic system is an integral part of our body's defence system and is responsible, among other things, for fighting infections. It eliminates excess substances and at the same time filters out pathogens and foreign particles.

The fitter our lymphatic system, the stronger our immune system.

VMLD is effective, relaxing and supports the lymphatic system from a unique perspective. The technique focuses not on the lymph but on the movement of the interstitial fluid - the fluid between the cells. A highly effective approach to promoting healthy lymphatic system function that brings about positive change.

Sluggish lymph movement can lead to an unhealthy cellular environment and be the cause of various symptoms. Similar to a pond where the water stagnates and mosquitoes colonise, the stagnant intercellular fluid fills with toxins and other metabolic wastes. If these are not removed via a well-functioning lymphatic system, the cells deteriorate, become unhealthy and die.

VMLD, a gentle energetic treatment that can be performed on clothing, with or without body contact. It supports your lymphatic system so that your lymphatic system can support us.

The treatment can have positive effects on the following areas:

•    increased energy
•    strengthened immune system
•    natural detoxification
•    reduction of acute joint pain and swelling
•    reduction of lymphoedema
•    drainage of the sinuses
•    improved sleep
•    improved skin texture/connective tissue 
•    weight loss in cases of overweight due to water retention
•    regulation of bowel function


VMLD can be used as a stand-alone therapy or a beneficial addition to a detoxification program. We recommend that the energetic support of the lymphatic system be carried out approx. every 6 weeks, but at least 4 times a year, alternating with the seasons.

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