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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)



The subject of the contract between lighten Bodytalk and the customer is an individually agreed service, which is based on the needs and physical abilities of the customer. Certain successes or the healing or alleviation of diseases are not part of the contract. 

Each session has an individual course. Personal reactions can be correspondingly diverse. Anja Levermann and Sonja Ringdal cannot predict these. The responsibility for all reactions lies solely with the client.


Exclusion of medical and curative activity/confidentiality

Anja Levermann and Sonja Ringdal are not physicians nor naturopaths. They are therefore not subject to medical confidentiality and have no legal right to refuse to testify. However, Anja Levermann and Sonja Ringdal are committed to keeping the content of the sessions highly confidential, unless otherwise required by law. 

Anja Levermann and Sonja Ringdal do not make medical diagnoses or prescribe medication. Sessions with the aforementioned BodyTalk Practitioners are in no way a substitute for medical examinations, treatments or prescriptions.


Terms of payment and additional insurances

A session lasts approx. 40-60 min., at a price of CHF 100 or SGD 140 respectively. The costs are to be paid in cash, via TWINT, PayNow or PayLah following the respective session. 

If you are prevented from attending the booked appointment, please cancel it up to 24 hours in advance, so that you do not incur unnecessary costs. Exceptions are illness and accident. Otherwise, the amount must be paid in full. Health insurances or supplementary insurances do not reimburse the costs for sessions with Anja Levermann and Sonja Ringdal. It is up to the customer to inquire with his/her health or supplementary insurance about possible individual cost coverage. 

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