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What is BodyTalk

What is BodyTalk


BodyTalk is a comprehensive and complementary health system to support our tremendous self-healing abilities. 


Our well-being depends on a finely tuned balance of body and mind. Emotional, physical and environmental influences can hinder the fragile system of self-regulation and be the cause of a wide variety of symptoms.


BodyTalk integrates Western and Eastern knowledge about the functioning of body and mind and helps us to bring them back into balance and thus return to the best possible health and well-being. 

BodyTalk support

How can BodyTalk support me


BodyTalk is suitable for everyone:

Babies, children, adolescents, adults of all ages.


Anything that prevents us from feeling healthy, active, content, carefree and balanced is a good reason for a BodyTalk session. It is supportive for a wide variety of symptoms such as allergies, headaches, sleep disorders, infections, stress, mood swings, anxiety, loss of energy, metabolic disorders or in case of feeling ungrounded.  

BodyTalk is also a valuable addition to medical treatments to effectively support the healing process.  


A BodyTalk session will generally do you good, regardless of whether there is a specific reason such as pain or if you simply like to maintain your health. So many things affect us daily that our self-healing powers are constantly challenged. BodyTalk offers an effective way to support our body in this work. We can achieve our best possible health and experience our everyday life more consciously and with ease.  


As BodyTalk practitioners, we do not make any diagnoses, but follow what your body reveals to us in a session: your body-mind system knows exactly what support it needs, we just need to listen carefully.

BodyTalk session

A BodyTalk session


You will experience a BodyTalk session in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Before your first session we will give you a questionnaire with questions about your health condition, how you feel and the issues that are important to you for the session. Together we will discuss your answers at the beginning and then you will move to a massage table. You do not need to change or undress for the session. 


During the session we will only touch you gently on the wrist and using pleasant tapping techniques. Please allow approximately 1¼ hours for the first session. Subsequent sessions will then take approximately 40-60 minutes.  


In the event that you cannot or do not want to come by personally, it is possible to conduct the session via Zoom. Sit or lie down in your favorite place and follow the session on your cell phone, iPad or laptop.

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